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Going to the Source

by Leif Erlingsson 2009-04-04 We are taught to follow the methods and maps that we have been educated with.  But that can NEVER give us new knowledge.  Only recycled stuff.  Possibly we will just repeat the errors of those that went before us. Before knowledge is systematized, it is intuitive.  FIRST one goes to the [...]

The way is the result

by Leif Erlingsson 2008-12-01 The way you arrive at insights are essential to the result, are the result. My life experiences, like yours and yours and anybody’s, are essential to what I conclude from it all. There is not one among us, who’s life does not have something to add to our collective intelligence. Lucky [...]

I dreamt

by Leif Erlingsson 2008-08-31 08:08 (translated 2009-10-03 11:44) I just awoke, 07:10, from a dream.  I had just begun an employment at a company, a company with visions.  It was in the a afternoon, and at 14:50 someone tells me that at 15:00 hours there will be a general meeting.  I go there.  It is [...]

The Answer is in the Question

by Leif Erlingsson 2008-07-16 Originally published in Swedish, at My schoolyears were difficult, due to me being a difficult student who did my own thinking, and therefore I often had a hard time understanding the teaching.  (Unfortunately, I then thought the error was in myself, and therefore developed bad self-esteem.)  I studied natural science [...]

Crisis of Imagination

by Leif Erlingsson 2007-12-05 Available also as voicefile: The information in this text is not authorized or approved by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences or by any higher Swedish seat of learning.  It has been compiled for some years trough the search for patterns and relationships.  Patterns that for the author makes the [...]