by Leif Erlingsson
2009-06-30 (translated 2009-10-04)

In June I used the latest and leaked “Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis” – report as a “Crystal Ball”.  Based on this the following went to print in preparation for a planned conversation that I’m scheduled to lead in November (2009-11-12), around subjects that I suppose by then will be current:

Crisis of Imagination – the only really real crisis, or The Secret Behind Secret Societies
In a conversation we investigate if our consciousnesses through our unconsciousnesses create the crises of our times, this in order to force ourselves to changes in awareness and attitude by use of the universe.  We experience increased contempt for politicians and media, social dissolution and famine, economical and political crises, collapses for the US/Israel’s war adventures, hyper-inflation, climate chaos.  Yes, even changes in the earth’s magnetic field and energies from space, which more and more people experience for example as gravity waves and sudden nausea.  Is the purpose to create the preconditions for the breakdown of the old reality-paradigm, through the ceasing of our very conception of ourselves as existing in a stable universe?  So that the hierarchical/patriarchal reality-interpretation can be replaced by a global networking, self-adapting, self-organizing new peoples economy, with the corresponding new social orders?
Leif Erlingsson introduces and directs the conversation.

Again, my source that I have used in order to be able to make the above prediction about what could be current to discuss in November is “Last ALTA” — “Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis“.  The assumption behind my choice of subject is the insight that we are not only material ego-creatures but at the same time spiritually connected to all of “The Great Unknown”, and that our very conception of ourselves as existing in a stable universe probably have ceased by around the 12th of November 2009, when I’m scheduled to lead this conversation around the greater connection.  The old reality paradigm is in it’s last death throes now.  The above version is the one that went to print.  But I initially created a longer version — one that doesn’t talk so much “under the breath”.  It currently only exists in Swedish, see

Leif Erlingsson
2009-06-30 (translated 2009-10-04)