written 1943 in Sweden, during world war two
by “ATTARP” — aka. Knut Nilsson, my father’s father — translation Leif Erlingsson. 2009-10-10

The current worldview is footed on the Communist Manifesto or the materialistic Manifesto in all its variations.  That is, society’s industrialization, organization and centralization; the liquidation of and replacement of entrepreneurs and farmers’ with  staff and salary workers.   This basic philosophy of the materialist doctrine carries in itself the seed of its own destruction.  As no tree grows to heaven and no hills for ever go up, this artificial construction falls together, like in the cultures before this, that has come and gone through the millennia.  It is only the slower or faster pace, which is of interest.

If we consider for example the current ongoing world war, where eventually no victors or vanquished remains but there will be only survivors and the dead, this is only a natural consequence of the so-called scientific materialism.  How long this war will last, nobody knows.  But one thing we may already be convinced of – that if anything at all remains at it’s end, there’ll just be a truce.  How long this will become is dependent on a few personalities capabilities to for a longer or shorter time avert the final collapse.  Its fate is inevitable, because this artificial construction is based on a lie, the doctrine of the industry’s hegenomy over agriculture, namely the greenhouse plants power and authority over natural plants, or the artificial society’s dictatorship over the natural, and all individuals according to the same template.

Each man can now be a witness to its ultimate consequences, when it’s technical triumph consist in building and administrating the most  effective means of destruction.  See there, one of this philosophy of power’s ultimate consequences, coupled with the equally great spiritual decay.  This materialistic culture has been set on, in the shortest possible time to turn all natural resources into money, resources that future generations would have lived of and enjoyed for millennia.  An infernal search for and a constant battle on life and death for new coal, oil and ore fields have been conducted, for the fastest possible depletion of the same.  The forests are devastated and the natural fertility of the soil is depleted and they are made sterile through artificial means.  Se examples in the formerly fertile American prairies, which now are sandy deserts, plundered by an unhealthy monetary greed.  Or have a look at our own Weibullsholm, where the natural reactions of formerly large fields of fertile soils have been depleted through exploitation using the artificial stimulating substances of the materialistic agronomic science.  The natural soil minerals, which through the harvests are brought in to the cities, these huge human plant houses, are consumed and through huge pipes flushed out into the sea or into the rivers, speed up this unnatural process.  Or watch our pets, how their natural resistance are undermined through artificial animal feeds and a fake plant house existence.  Tuberculosis, contagious abortions, foot-and-mouth disease, anthrax, etc. are some of its consequences.

Man bleed through his so-called science the physical functions of our pets, all to satisfy the currently living generation’s materialistic self-indulgence … or consider how her haughty machine culture is about to destroy all that’s valuable in the oceans.  Also this in the shortest possible time.  The whale, this the big game of the ocean, is soon just a fairy tale.  Technology, with its modern equipment and weapons have here committed one of its most opprobrious crimes.  The salmon, which once stood as thick as porridge in the rivers during the spawning season or the pollock, who stood in  immense shoals quite close to the coast when man was catching them naturally, are both on it’s way to extinction.  When toxic acids are released into rivers, when the steam trawlers and the ringnots of the modern motorboats have done their work, this for man so wonderful source of life will in a few generations just be a distant zoological memory.  What about man himself, are these people from the big cities collective plant house atmosphere the same as once their fathers in the bosom of nature?  The materialistic self-indulgence, the money-self and an unnatural diet has plundered their spiritual and physical resistance.  They have lived in a world that is false illusion.  In pursuit of happiness they have only achieved nervous and prematurely burnt out bodies.  Like an eternal maelstrom this unnatural teaching devour it’s own victims.

A time will come when men will writhe in angst, and cry for guidance and norms to follow.  Then there is a great doctor who is willing to embrace all in his arms.  Those who do not despise his name, The Eternal Divine Power plant of Nature, will then reassemble their tormented human remains in its bosom.  When humans live in harmony with nature’s eternal laws, she is always happy.  When she begins to study nature’s great wonders, she realizes her own limitations.  All of her former medicine men could not even explain or create the most innocent of straw on the ground.  Human beings must never forget that she’s just a piece of dirt and nothing but a product of the soil’s crop.  [Leif Erlingsson:  Here I beg to differ.  We are much, much more than that. / 2009-10-10.]

The opposite of the Communist or the artificial Manifesto, which all consciously or unconsciously are supporting, is the Natural Manifesto.  I am well aware that this new manifesto will provoke a violent reaction because it is the truth.  It of course means that everything that formerly was regarded as the greatest of human ambition shall have no lasting value.  But this is no more than a law of nature, the law that says that you achieve the opposite of what you seek when you seek that which is opposite to the laws of nature.

When man release the artificial world and slip over into the natural, new ethical values appear.  The old Hellenic beauty teaching will return in a revealed light.  The unnatural art is replaced by the natural.  The hatedoctrine goes away.  The religion of sterile ritual and dogma is replaced by the living teaching of love.  That unnatural nightmare that kept man prisoner releases its grip.  Spiritually and physically stronger and more beautiful human individuals and cultures will grow on the ruins of the fallen.

This Manifest is dedicated to the Swedish rural youth, who is in the absence of an ideology.  In their strife to find a solid basis for their studies and to give them self-confidence in dealing with the Marxist trained industrial working youth, they should file to memory that they now have a stronger and better idea than them.