by Leif Erlingsson

We are taught to follow the methods and maps that we have been educated with.  But that can NEVER give us new knowledge.  Only recycled stuff.  Possibly we will just repeat the errors of those that went before us.

Before knowledge is systematized, it is intuitive.  FIRST one goes to the Source — Intuition/Connection to the ‘field’.  THEN one seek what confirmation is possible from the most original ordinary sources possible.  And one experiments.  It is never the map that limit what is possible but rather what is possible that should result in later map-making.  Though our culture has this backwards, most of the time.

I told a Swedish Physics Scientist about an incident back in the 1970:s, where I almost tripped on a deep insight about what happens to the energy of two standing waves when they extinguish each other.  He later told others that I couldn’t have figured that out.  Presumably because he felt that I lacked the education.  In which case he completely missed the point.  I.e. it was precisely because I lacked the education that I was almost able to figure this out, had my self esteem only been better.  (The incident in question is described in the text “The Answer is in the Question“.)

I think this intuitive knowledge is very much related to predation.  Just KNOWING.

Leif Erlingsson