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The Physical Evidence

The photographic evidence is proof enough for energy interference as the cause.  Everything is a matter of perception. Rather than going off into never-ending discussions on calculations about that which happened on South Manhattan that fateful day September the 11:th 2001, it is enough just to consider the main swath’s of those evidences very few [...]

Ten Years of conspiracy

With none of the options being acceptable, it is easiest to figure that one cannot know, and move on.  This is, I argue, the purpouse of the Psy-OP that was perpretrated on 9/11 and onwards to this day. Ten years of conspiracy have, concludes Leif E Ström in a thoughtful comment at 2011-09-12, unfortunately [...]

Bypassing pentateuchian thinking

by Leif Erlingsson2010-01-24 The system says, act hierarchically, build companies, have trade secrets.  If your goal threatens the system, you must go around it, you can’t beat the system in the system. The modus operandi of the hierarchical system is spelled out in Latin on the U.S. dollar bill, “E pluribus unum” – from many, [...]

Emergent Wisdom

by Leif Erlingsson 2009-09-11 A strange tendency exist to spurn new ideas because they haven’t matured, rather than develop them.  This while our world is full of emergent wisdom, indicating alternatives to “money, politics, religion, ignorance, fear, deceptive leaders and the horrendous result of great error”. [1] This very day September 11, 2009, it’s the [...]


Something can have happened already, but 200 years in the future. Something may happen, but has not yet happened, 200 years in the past. The “causality axis” is NOT the same as the time axis!     2009-09-01: The trigger to the above thought was: “Yet another [remote viewer] was astounded and reported, “Good God! [...]

Sentineling 2009-06-30

by Leif Erlingsson 2009-06-30 (translated 2009-10-04) In June I used the latest and leaked “Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis” – report as a “Crystal Ball”.  Based on this the following went to print in preparation for a planned conversation that I’m scheduled to lead in November (2009-11-12), around subjects that I suppose by then will be [...]

Entering the bio-suit ?

by Leif Erlingsson 2009-05-31 I decided to post this symbolical dream.  From my diary: Tuesday May 19, 2009, 08:00:  Tonight I dreamt a very symbolical dream.  I recall these elements: We were a few people, disoriented, in some kind of room.  It may have been at some kind of train-station, perhaps at the last stop [...]

Deeper truths

by Leif Erlingsson 2009-05-30 Is the 1:st book of the Torah, the Genesis = The Beginning, a mathematical code for our physical universe? Stan Tenen: “This isn’t a jealous God of a petty people who says, ‘My God is bigger and better than your God because it’s my God and it’s the one God because [...]

Leif Erlingsson’s Metamorphosis Escape from the Box

by Leif Erlingsson 2009-04-21 CV   Leif Erlingsson’s Metamorphosis Escape from the Box Work experience Ericsson Telecom AB    1979-07    1984-03    Test engineer Ericsson Telecom AB    1984-03    1988-08    Component Engineer    (Programmingand construction of IC test fixtures.) Ericsson Telecom AB    1988-08    1989-08    Software and Hardware Engineer Ericsson Telecom [...]

All is One

edited by Leif Erlingsson 2009-04-05 “In short, Maxwell’s original quaternion theory was already a unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetics — it was a testable and engineerable theory of electrogravitation.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, endnote 52, p.71.) “Ironically, [James Clerk] Maxwell in 1873 had already written a theory that embodied David Bohm’s hidden [...]