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CV   Leif Erlingsson’s Metamorphosis Escape from the Box

Work experience

Ericsson Telecom AB    1979-07    1984-03    Test engineer
Ericsson Telecom AB    1984-03    1988-08    Component Engineer    (Programming
and construction of IC test fixtures.
Ericsson Telecom AB    1988-08    1989-08    Software and Hardware Engineer
Ericsson Telecom AB    1989-08    1991-12    Systemer/Programmer
Ericsson Telecom AB    1991-12    1995-01    Unix System Administration
RSV DataService    1995-01    1997-08    Unix Specialist
WM-data AB    1997-08    1999-04    Mailgroup
WM-data AB    1999-04    2000-11    SMTP Mail-Relaying, DNS and IP
delegation Specialist
Cendio Systems AB    2000-11    2001-03    Linux Consultant
Polopoly AB    2001-03    2004-05    System Administrator
Data Lege    2004-05    -    Freelance SysAdm/Internet Consultant

Research experience

Have participated in my brother’s research work — Ulf Erlingsson, Geomorphological development of the bottoms off Österlen, southernmost Sweden, UNGI Report Nr 76, Uppsala University Department of Physical Geography, 1990, 136 pages.  I am mentioned twice in the report, both as field assistant (p. iii; the diver in the photograph on page 85 is me (depth 36 meters), though no name is mentioned under the image), and also as having “assisted with much valuable advice in the construction of the Sedimeter electronics“, a patented invention of Ulf Erlingsson used in the surveys. (p.iii.)  More on these kinds of surveys at

Metamorphosis Escape from the Box

My “Escape from the Box” started with me (in 1988) entering a deeper box, that of a closed religious thinking.  I locked my thinking from the inside, and therefore I now understand how that works to prevent independent information from entering anyone’s closemindedness.  I now understand why noone can unlock anyone else’s closemindedness from the outside — only gently invite.  The post-9/11 world events in 2002 and 2003 provided the trigger and the environment for my own re-awakening, and later escape from the box of conventional thinking.  The hypocracy of the religious organization made me gingerly open my own mind from the inside, for independent information from outside ‘non-approved sources’.  I deprogrammed from the closeminded religious thinking and left the religious organization in 2004, as a most important milestone in the process started around September 2002, that led to my eventual deprogramming and escape altogether from the box of conventional thinking.

My questioning and extensive personal research and networking started with the questioning of official political reality, but it didn’t stop there or anywhere.  I became one of the major Swedish 9/11 conspiracy theoreticians, following my 2005 conclusion that the official 9/11 story was important to defuse.  I have made major attempts to get the real story out in Sweden, but with limited success.

I expand my networking to include new perspectives and ideas.  Including the Kreaprenör® network.  I was awarded an honorary membership of The Telesio – Galilei Academy of Science in 2007, following my article “Crisis of Imagination” from 2007-12-05.  ( .  Area: Hadronic Mathematics, Mechanics and Chemistry. )

I have collected texts that document my awakening process at and at .

Connecting people

Having soon concluded that the powers that be operate through putting the lid on information flow, I concluded that the most effective method to work for change would be to identify people that would boost eachother if connected, and connect them.  This I have been doing for years now.  It has also been done for me, of course.  It works both ways.

One of my contacts [... Edited 2015-05-15:  To protect the privacy of some people, tree sentences have here been removed.]  I have deep sympathy for the peoples that have gotten in the way of the western imperialistic power game vs. the new eastern bloc along the line South of the old East Bloc, Russia, China, North-Korea.  This of course include the old Yugoslavians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians (threat of war), Afghanistans, etc.  I do not approve of war.  It makes puppets of all of us.  I have often and repeatedly expressed my support for the oppressed and my disgust with the western war lies.  I also network with those who network with the political opposition to western influence in some countries.

Here I should mention my brother Dr. Ulf Erlingsson now living in the United States, who is politically fairly well versed after having been the National Globalizations Issues Coordinator and also the Miami-Dade Coordinator in the Kucinich for President campaign of 2004 (Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Cleveland, Ohio).  He was also active in the Barack Obama campaign, Google “Barack Obama” “Dr. Ulf Erlingsson” for more on that.  It was actually my brother Ulf who in September 2002 provided me with the initial trigger that started my re-awakening and awakening process, see “Metamorphosis Escape from the Box” above.

I have a number of close friends with deep personal insights from family background and other connections into how the politics and the world is really run.  I understand that “Democracy” as it is practiced today is all too often only a Con-game.  But also that with a conscious public it is potentially a very good thing.  Tearing apart the “vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed” requires what Nobel Prize winner in Literature 2005, British playwright Harold Pinter, in the same Nobel Lecture “Art, Truth & Politics” that I just quoted from, describes as an “unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all.“  For this he was labeled a “political idiot.“  May we all become “political idiots,” in this world where politics is insane.


I am intuitive, and have learnt to trust my intuition.  Additionally I have a few very intuitive friends who often provide very interesting leads to follow up.  One of my friends have even trained himself into a Remote Viewer, a psychic espionage technique developed by the U.S. military, whereby awareness is non-locally moved in time and place to whatever is of interest.  It’s far from 100% accurate, but combined with normal methods for confirmation very useful e.g. to find dead people, etc.  I mention this to demonstrate that I am open to the non-local aspects of reality.  Having extensively studied the writings of Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden (retd.), I also understand theoretically how this can work physically.  (Books at .)  I made key quotes from one of Bearden’s shorter books to illustrate the theory, in “All is One“, 2009-04-05, .

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