by Leif Erlingsson

The system says, act hierarchically, build companies, have trade secrets.  If your goal threatens the system, you must go around it, you can’t beat the system in the system.

The modus operandi of the hierarchical system is spelled out in Latin on the U.S. dollar bill, “E pluribus unum” – from many, unity = the uniting of plurality.  This is pentateuchian thinking.  It is doomed to go under.

The “Return of the Goddess” thinking can be derived from the Inanna Myth from Sumerian times.  The principle is; from many united, diversity; no limitation on creativity and thinking.

Applied to a goal that threatens the system, this means that one cannot have trade secrets but ALL MUST HAVE ACCESS TO ALL KNOWLEDGE.  When this is done, the system cannot win.  Then we are applying this principle:

Not to repeat the historical mistake of choking off information flow for people, but to allow the understanding of the old Mesopotamian myths to guide us (in)to the future.

The basic theme of the myth is that the goddess Inanna, after affirming her sexuality, visited and tricked her grandfather, the god of knowledge Enki, into giving her the essence of civilization called me (pronounced may).  These me, of which godship is one, she gives to the common people to steward and explore.  The effect of giving man these me meant that he could become god if he desired but he had to take the good with the bad, the me of the joy of life as well as the me of war [c.f the Standard of Ur, now at the British Museum].  This idea of releasing secrets and knowledge was probably the fundament for the development of Mesopotamian society and its creation of the tools of civilization; the wheel, writing, mathematics, Law etc.

By NOT choking off information flow for people, we bypass the criminal network that protect each other’s confiscatory activities.  Those wishing to take part in the revolution — the real revolution as distinct from all those directed ones that have ended with us back in the same old trap again — cannot take part in the choking off of this life-essential information flow.  Especially not with respect to technologies for free energy, cathing “the ether wind” that people like Stubblefield, Tesla, Reich and a host of others have done, calling it many names including “Radiant Energy”.

By the way, as long as we drive cars on the ground, my ideal is a special type electric motor on each wheel that don’t run on ordinary electricity but directly on this “Radiant Energy” or whatever you prefer to call it (“sailing on the ether wind”?), and ordinary electricity for the start motor and normal electrical appliances generated by a normal dual-use motor/generator also on each wheel + solar panels for keeping the start battery always charged.

There’s been so many inventions in this direction, but they have all failed to reach the public because the inventor acted hierarchically, built companies, had trade secrets and where either bought up by secret-secret-secret types for loads of money, hounded through authorities, confiscations of equipment, break-ins, or plain murdered.  And also because the public never understood that unless they took personal responsibility for gaining this knowledge, they’d never get it.

Leif Erlingsson