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My schoolyears were difficult, due to me being a difficult student who did my own thinking, and therefore I often had a hard time understanding the teaching.  (Unfortunately, I then thought the error was in myself, and therefore developed bad self-esteem.)  I studied natural science subjects in Swedish High School in a four-year Electricity-Telecom/Natural science curriculum.  One day at the end of the 1970:s we read about standing waves, and how they can extinguish each other.  This applies to all forms of electromagnetic waves, but if one does it with polarized laser light, one can with one’s own eyes see it happen.  In my class it was however only discussed in theory.  In any case, I asked my teacher where the energy goes, when the waves extinguish each other.  I think he mumbled something about it perhaps being used up in the generators of the waves.  But he didn’t have a real answer.

An experiment with curved space-time but no measurable electromagnetism when two standing waves extinguish each other.

Standing waves in anti-phase kill each other
The whole of electromagnetism in classical science is a special case at flat space-time, a condition that doesn’t really exist.  Classical physics quite correctly state that two [equal but opposite] standing waves extinguish each other – see the illustration.  But it has no answer to where the energy goes.  My High School teacher was uncomfortable, and answered avoidingly.  Thomas E. Bearden says (“Fer de Lance” pp. 229-230 (2002 edition)) that it curves space-time, creates mass and gravitation, etc.  Cool.  :)  Physically, a standing gravitational wave is created, where the energy is pulsating according to the sum of the absolute values of the two extinguished standing waves.  Which is an example of scalar resonance.  Because where the resulting standing gravitational wave is, there is also mass and inertia as a result of the two space-time curvings from the two extinguished waves.

It’s not just a cool thing that space-time curvings can be created this easily (see fantastic illustration in “Fer de Lance” pp. 187-189 (2002 edition)), because with strong space-time curving follows strong non-linear effects.  (According to Bearden – “Fer de Lance” pp. 229-230 (2002 edition) – among the effects, the energy density of the vacuum becomes larger in one of the half-cycles and less in the next.  Time faster in the one than in the next.  The one appears to have more negative electric charge than the next.  The one appears to have more of a magnetic north pole, and the next a magnetic south pole.).  And ‘free energy’ therefore becomes scientifically possible, since it is only in the special case ‘flat space-time’ that these effects are impossible/ruled out.  Classical science just lacks the physical models for calculating these exiting phenomena, since science has huge holes in this regard.  Science have simply abstained from creating these models starting from Maxwell’s original and highly complex model.  (Reference: “Errors And Omissions In The CEM/EE Model” by Thomas E. Bearden.  (Papersaving printout version.)  Much of this physics are found at and at .)

When I write “science” obviously I am referring to school science, those who play according to the scientific establishment’s rulebook for grants and status.  In my opinion, Thomas E. Bearden’s results are very useful to [begin to] calculate on the other type of Maxwell-Heaviside systems, those systems that are far from equilibrium with their active environment (like e.g. the active vacuum; that “stressed virtual plasma” that identically IS the vacuum and identically IS spacetime; length, time, frame, mass, etc.).  (The first kind, the one in equilibrium, naturally cannot be used for ‘free energy’, and those who claim that ‘free energy’ is impossible also imagine that this is the only kind of possible system, if they at all know why they believe as they do.  Their only excuse is that it is Lorentz fault, since this man arbitrarily removed the other kind.)  (Reference: pp. 105-114, “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” by Thomas E. Bearden.  Also pp. 7-11 “Errors And Omissions In The CEM/EE Model” by Thomas E. Bearden.  (Papersaving printout version.))

But, one asks oneself, how has science managed to miss such obvious things, that a simple High School student with bad self esteem almost tripped on in Skåne, Sweden of the 1970:s?  Perhaps it helps to hear that already in 1919 the inventor of alternating current asked himself something similar (Nikola Tesla, “The True Wireless,” Electrical Experimenter, May 1919), when he described this [kind of] blindness as “one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history.“  (Copied from page 117 of “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” by Thomas E. Bearden.)

Perhaps I’ll now loose some of those readers who’ve come this far, when I speculate that there must be some deeper reason behind this fantastic obliviousness to the obvious, for more than a century.  In Crisis of Imagination (2007-12-05) I wrote that “Our present societal system has a compelling reason for not allowing science and technology or healing science that builds on life principles and creation forces, namely the defense of its very existence”, etc.  But the more I have pondered, the deeper I sense that it may be.  Now it becomes pure speculation, but suppose this our Earth is a cosmic experiment in limitation — so that we as eternal spiritual creatures here in the physical will have an opportunity to experience fear, in order to be able to get a really wild kick!  The Earth as A Cosmic Horror Movie! :)  Then the extreme resistance against ‘destroying the horror show’ that is energy crisis, claimed climate crisis, environmental pollution, war, etc. would no longer be so completely incomprehensible.  As said, this is speculation on my part, but I haven’t been able to find any other explanation.  And if it’s not to mess with the Horror Movie that we are in, that man loves the lies and hates the truth, then I think enough is enough already!

Appended for system believers.

The resistance from the system against energy solutions based on disequilibrium systems with spacetime can be exemplified through a statement in 2002 by The American Physical Society condemning ‘perpetual motion machines’.  (Reference: p. 26, “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” by Thomas E. Bearden.  Quote: “The American Physical Society has recently issued a statement condemning perpetual motion machines“  Disequilibrium systems are of course not ‘perpetual motion machines’, but the effect of the condemnation is that one should not think it possible to obtain cost free energy from the spacetime.  Which possibility has been proven for every charge [in the universe] since Lee and Yang in 1957 experimentally proved broken symmetry, which they the same year was awarded the Nobel Price for.  Therefore classical electromagnetism in fact builds on the idea that every electrical charge is precisely one of those condemned ‘perpetual motion machines’.  While Bearden show how they are not at all perpetual motion machines, but rather disequilibrium systems with the spacetime.  Isn’t it absurd and ironic — the opponents of ‘perpetual motion machines’ are in reality the only ones defending the absurdity.  Bearden also points this out in the continuation of the quote on page 26, which reads: “ — yet society’s members continue to condone and use a classical EM model that assumes every charge in the universe to continuously be creating energy from nothing.  Even the American Physical Society has not recognized what broken symmetry of opposite charges means with respect to the common dipole and dipolarity in every circuit.)

I also quote the national economist and political scientist Jens Jerndal in “Vakna Sverige! Framtiden är här – En bok om Sveriges kris och det pågående paradigmskiftet” [Wake up Sweden! The Future is here -- A book about Sweden's crisis and the ongoing paradigm shift/my own translation], that was published in 1997, p. 272, my translation:

What few people know or even want to know, is that many ingenious inventions, both in the fields of energy and in medicine, has — with pure mafia-methods — been repressed and stopped from being used by them who make their fortunes on the old and harmful methods.  Among countless examples that could be presented, I here just want to mention one single typical case.
    Edwin V. Gray from Los Angeles in the USA invented a magnetically powered electrical motor which, following a battery start, itself produce enough energy to continue to run efficiently, in principle for ever, without further addition of energy.  Gray was nominated to ‘Inventor of the Year’ by the Los Angeles Patent Attorney’s Association.  Several prominent PhD:s of Technology praised the invention and one of them explained that it was a revolutionary and unique achievement.
    The Gray motor would — as far as I have understood — be able to be used for the propulsion of cars and other transport systems.  It requires no fuel and it emits no exhaust or other pollution.
    Gray was awarded U.S. patent no. 3.890.548.  Did then authorities, energy companies and car manufacturers throw themselves over the invention in order to find out if it could help them alleviate both the energy crisis and the environmental issues?  Not so.  The truth will likely come as a chock to most.  This is what happened:
    In July 1974 the Los Angeles District Attorney raided the Gray premises, confiscated his prototype, drawings and research notes and charged him on a number of accounts on false grounds.  Gray’s lawyers tried everything in order to retrieve his confiscated possessions, to no avail.  Through forcing Gray to astronomical legal fees, and trough preventing him from all further manufacturing, they brought him into bankruptcy and prevented his invention from being used.
    The Gray case is far from the only one.  There are dozens of similar cases just in the USA, both in energy and in medicine.
    One possibility to bypass these formidable obstacles for a positive development of the science of the new paradigm — for which the preconditions have long been extant — is that a little independent and internationally respected country like Sweden take on the task of introducing the new knowledge so that it becomes public property and no longer can be kept secret by mob-sponsored public repression in the home country of the inventor.  In this connection the Internet can be among the factors playing a new and deciding role in the service of progress.

Sad to say, I think that professor Jerndal grossly overrated Sweden’s independence.  But what can be done with the Internet, that is up to YOU, dear reader!

Leif Erlingsson

[The following appendixes to the original swedish language article are included for completeness, but not translated.  -- Leif Erlingsson, 2009-04-03.]

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