by Leif Erlingsson
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The information in this text is not authorized or approved by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences or by any higher Swedish seat of learning.  It has been compiled for some years trough the search for patterns and relationships.  Patterns that for the author makes the data believable.  It is the readers choice to check with an expert who will disqualify this material, or to use personal intelligence and form a personal opinion.

I have agonized more over this text than any other.  Not for lack of material.  There seems to be no end of the material I have collected.  But for the challenge not to not cause rejection.  Because unknown facts and stories scare people.  The well-known ‘hell’ is, it seems, preferable to an unknown ‘paradise’.  At the same time this is, that is my claim, humanity’s only real challenge/problem:  The Crisis of Imagination.  That lack of perception/imagination which prevent us from perceiving real solutions.  Which yields symptoms like destruction of the environment, energy crisis, poverty, etc.

Human psychology is what it is.  Which those wishing to manipulate can use so that we of our own free will will choose the ‘hell’ rather than the ‘paradise’, by making the former more familiar.  One might also say that “Crisis of Imagination” might stand for an imagined crisis, but I don’t see it that way.  The Crisis of Imagination is real, the only really real crisis.

At the same time this analysis in itself gives the solution to the Crisis of Imagination:  Increased independent thinking is needed.  Thinking powered by emotional maturity and intuitive contact with the universal field of information, the so called quantum vacuum.  Without glancing on emotionally disconnected authority figures, who have lost contact with real intelligence.  That intelligence which comes out of heart and intuition.  Increased awareness and increased creativity is the biggest threat for those who wish to control human thinking.  This independent thinking, together with a realistic awareness of those forces that do not wish for humans to be well or have it good, helps so we do not unknowingly walk right into them, where they exist in all systems.  These forces hating the noble, the higher, the unselfish serving for the good of all.  These forces which can’t even stand seeing others do things out of love and real generosity, because this reminds them of their own systematically desensitized humanity.  Such an awareness and independence is the beginning to the solution of the only really real crisis, the Crisis of Imagination.

The solution is much more difficult than it sounds.  Because we have all our collected favorite ideas.  And what is required in order to solve the Crisis of Imagination is that we can give up our favorite ideas, whatever they are.

What I have realized, starting with my layman studies of quantum physics in the 1980:s — that by the way led me into a spiritual dead end, because as a Swede I had been totally indoctrinated into an atheistic materialistic world-view, and therefore I lacked life experience in the spiritual area when I both intellectually and emotionally faced this aspect of reality — what my studies then have made me realize is that reality is an organic whole.  Where the parts reflect the whole and the whole reflect the parts.  If one walks into an ordinary Swedish church building, one may hear: “As in Heaven, so on Earth”.  Yes.  And as on Earth, so in Heaven.  What I mean is that even in such a setting, the realization I just mentioned recurs.  A realization that in science has been expressed as the fractal nature of reality — fractals are fantastically fascinating mathematical formulas which in a few lines can describe complexity corresponding to all scales found in nature, from the microscopic to the very large.  A related expression, also from science, is the holographic nature of reality.  Here too one finds the principle that each part of the holograph is a map of the entirety of the holograph.  The realization that all is connected is very old, and it is very much shared — but secretly — by those shrunken souls who have hijacked the existing structures.  They even build a magical system on this realization, through which they try to control their fellow human beings.

Some recurring themes always coming back in our living reality is negentropy (increased organization and order), resonance, vortex, swirls, creation forces (‘orgone energy’, etc), open-handedness, helpfulness, nobility, charity, attentiveness, veraciousness.  People who develop the latter qualities will likely understand the former themes.  A few people that should be mentioned in this context is Nicola Tesla (Radiant Energy), Wilhelm Reich (Orgone Energy), Viktor Schauberg (Vortex Effects).  There are fantastic amounts of text written about each of these explorers of the creation forces, so I’ll just mention them together with those principles they are most well known for in ‘Free Energy’ circles.

What is interesting is these archetypical and in (almost) all scales recurring phenomena and patterns, like the torus — below a standing wave’s/Soliton’s like one will see in a collapsing Bose-Einstein Condensate, at half a degree Kelvin above absolute zero. (Image credit NIST.)  A Soliton's torus like one will see in a collapsing Bose-Einstein Condensate (Image credit NIST)The collapsing standing wave/Soliton is in the swirling center about to form another archetypical form, the vortex.  For which Viktor Schauberg is so known.  Vortex-phenomena are very powerful, and already in weather-phenomena they can tear buildings apart and move heavy objects far away.  It stands to reason that they also can do almost anything with the fabric of space-time, similar to what goes on around quasars, pulsars and black holes.  Paul E. Potter is saying that one can control these phenomena in order to propel spacecrafts of ufo-design — he explains the physics — or ‘just’ in order to extract enormous amounts of energy (Paul E. Potter, “Developing Better Systems for Space Propulsion“).

Our present societal system has a compelling reason for not allowing science and technology or healing science that builds on life principles and creation forces, namely the defense of it’s very existence.  Because sadly we have a societal system build around the administration of limitation of various kinds.  Many of us probably cannot, perhaps don’t even want to, imagine it differently.  But the societal system as it is cannot survive un-limitation.  Hence it must defend itself against all science & technology which yields un-limitation of health, energy, space for life, etc.  To understand this one can imagine the societal system as a creature that we created ourselves, but a creature that is now fighting for it’s life.  It can afford no compassion.  No mercy.  It is a question of pure survival for this creature.  But trouble is, it will not hesitate to kill us, if it thinks it will help.  Perhaps also in the case of the societal system, this is a Crisis of Imagination, of not being able to transmute itself into a system based on the administration of un-limitation.  A resistance against the life-affirming.

One can only speculate as to the reasons why a seven year research work by 450 researchers at CDF FermiLab concerning the fundamental structure of matter, a paper that had been accepted for publication, later was stopped in many different ways.  (”FERMILAB MEDIA ADVISORY 2/7/96, CDF Results Raise Questions on Quark Structure.  An article scheduled to appear in the February 9 issue of Science describes results contained in a paper submitted to Physical Review Letters by the 450-member Collider Detector collaboration at Fermilab.  The CDF paper reports results that appear to be at odds with predictions based on the current theory of the fundamental structure of matter.  The paper, submitted January 21, 1996, reports the collaboration’s measurement of the probability that the fundamental constituents of matter [e.g., Quarks and Anti-quarks] will be deflected, or will “scatter,” when very high energy Protons collide with anti-Protons, according to CDF spokesmen William Carithers and Giorgio Bellettini.”)  And what did their research show, that was so horrible that it had to be silenced so that it will not reach the ‘science’fundamentalists?  Their findings lead to the conclusion that the standard cosmological model cannot be correct.  And to open THAT ‘box’, that is really to open ‘Pandora’s box’.  One little idea stemming from the standard cosmological model is that gravitation supposedly is a primary field effect.  This despite many researchers who have shown that gravitation is manipulable.  Electro-gravitational effects are even used in the B2-Stealth bomber since over a decade, to enhance performance.  But these kinds of results cannot be published in established ‘scientific’ journals.  Other results that have been stopped is that matter can be manufactured from light, because this is also supposedly impossible according to the standard cosmological model.  (Stanford Collaboration, 1997, Discover Magazine.)

So, if one is at all informed beyond the thought-stake, the pale, that have been erected by the ‘science’fundamentalists and established ‘scientific’ journals, then one will realize that we require a new cosmological model.  One describing the inner essence of matter and the laws of nature.  Many understand this:  “An Open Letter to the Scientific Community” (New Scientist, May 22, 2004.)  Also see “An Open Letter to Closed Minds“.

A New World, If We Can Take It

One patent (of many) on an ‘Over Unity’ device, by Tom Bearden et al:  Jean-Louis Naudin confirms that it works, independent tests are quoted at  The site is a good resource for finding the current status of current active and open projects (as opposed to buried in secret research departments, or together with their inventors).  Jean-Louis Naudin have his own website with many exiting projects,  Here an invention that dissociates and recombines hydrogen in a process that yields surplus energy:  Here a discussion on how vortexes can be used to generate electrical charges like in thunderstorms, and much else:  The most well known ‘Over Unity’ technique is probably cold fusion.  It is now being commercialized, see and  One can also be ignored, ridiculed, harassed, have one’s research destroyed, be imprisoned — and come back:  Wilhelm Reich didn’t have the same luck, he died in prison in the 50:s in the United States, and his notes were put in the fire.

Then we have professor Ruggero Maria Santilli.  His mind-set is not quite Swedish, and his friends consider him perhaps the world’s greatest genius.  This is perhaps a big blockage for many.  :)  One product that builds on his theories is MagneGas, see  The good Italian moves in very interesting circles outside the ‘science’fundamentalist’s and established journals, etc.  Here the Alpha Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS):  Also see the Santilli – Galilei Association on Scientific Truth:  For those wishing to really dive into the work of Ruggero Maria Santillis the following links are recommended, the 4x-versions saves printer paper while your eyes pay:

The Sun's Electrical Sky, from David Talbott
Above an image of the electrical sky of the sun.  Thanks to the hole in the sky/the sunspot, we can see down through this hot sky towards the considerably cooler surface further down, fully in accordance with the following cosmological model.

David G. Yurth and Donald Ayres have written an article that can be how cosmos REALLY works, and which at any rate gives a theoretical background to a large part of the knowledge I mention here, in a way that the ‘science’fundamentalists cannot do:

Here is another bloke who can explain how to make gravitation from electricity:  And here a fantastic vortex-mathematics:

One can keep going forever — there is no lack of scientific and technical solutions for the problems of mankind.  Even the transmutation of nuclear waste is long since solved (  No, what there is a lack of is the intent and the will to make life endurable for all, in those we have allowed to become our leaders (plus some ‘not invented here’ = ego), and lack of insight in the rest of us.  In his “Liberation of the People: the Pathology of Power“, Dr. Norberto R Keppe writes of our leaders who doesn’t seem to want us humans to have it good, and who in their sick state therefore counteracts people who come with solutions for the good of all.  It sounds totally sick, but even the psychiatric science is beginning to see that it is this that is going on.  That we do not understand shows that we are also sick.  But as far as we begin to see what have happened, in the same amount we are beginning to get well.  Such insight is the beginning to the solution of the only really real crisis, the Crisis of Imagination.  Neither can we blame sick leaders.  I have more often than I feel comfortable with come in contact with as I supposed sensible people who feels that humanity might as well disappear.  It is not just ‘psychopathic leaders’ that is the problem …  So don’t blame anyone, but avoid the sick (=’gatekeepers’ in science, information, economy, etc. — there are speculations that they are organized) and find ways for the world and yourself to recover!  And don’t burn me at the stake. : )

The Schoolyard

We need to grow up, and quit the games of power from the schoolyard, where the creative is thrown back into the dirt.  If we ever collectively shall be able to get out of the dirt.

Leif Erlingsson

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