by Leif Erlingsson

A strange tendency exist to spurn new ideas because they haven’t matured, rather than develop them.  This while our world is full of emergent wisdom, indicating alternatives to “money, politics, religion, ignorance, fear, deceptive leaders and the horrendous result of great error”. [1]

This very day September 11, 2009, it’s the 8:th anniversary of one of all these attacks against the common man which the ‘money, religion and politics – paradigm’ is using in order to attempt to retain it’s hold. [3, 4, 5]  Wiser models of civilization are emerging.  Let’s develop them.  The emerging Zeitgeist-movement is focussing on resource scarcity.  And have technological solutions. [2]

Research into Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and related subjects is but one of many indicators that our bodies is what connects the ‘Great Unknown’ with the prosaic material.  We are both spiritual and material.  If we are unbalanced, we’ll fail.  I.e. if we are ‘high up in the blue’, we’ll fail.  If we are all ‘down to earth’ but never connect ‘up there’, we’ll fail.

A spreading awareness of the folly of our present civilization is one key component.  Discussing local solutions in the local communities another.  We must start talking with eachother.  Face to face, neighbor to neighbor.  We need to create wise principles, rather than spending exceeding energy over who at the moment is administratig them or over single issues.  If the governing priciples are wise and are being followed, why should we need to be in disagreement over details? [1]

My feeling have long been that I have been collecting the pieces of an enormous puzzle. [6]  A multidimensional puzzle.  My feeling now is that the time is coming for a ‘site map’, a guide, so the puzzle picture will emerge for all to see.  I should note that many, many, many have been doing the same thing.  In the material sense independently, but of course in the spiritual sense — ‘up there’ — connected.  (‘Up there’ in the sense another dimension, not up in the sky.)

With this I end for the day.

Leif Erlingsson

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