by Leif Erlingsson

I decided to post this symbolical dream.  From my diary:

Tuesday May 19, 2009, 08:00:  Tonight I dreamt a very symbolical dream.  I recall these elements:

We were a few people, disoriented, in some kind of room.  It may have been at some kind of train-station, perhaps at the last stop of a line, late at night.  One of us, a woman, is sliding into a silvery circular ‘portal’ that is a little larger in diameter than she is tall when sitting down.  She fingers the inside of the circular portal, that only has room for her inside the opening.  In the dream, it was only around 1/2 a meter — around 2 feet — deep.

I don’t know how it was before but now I notice that she is naked, but it’s perfectly a-sexual, and the light is white/silvery.  Perhaps she undressed just before slipping into the portal, I have a vague feeling that this may be the case.

I’m conscious of what is happening with her — she opens something, and arrives at a place with red light and cameras.  There she is again in clothes, but now there is a sexual tension.  She is in some kind of bar-environment with red light and people with sexual radiation.  On a display it is saying some kind of identity for her, and “HAVE AWAKENED”.  And I think it was in English, “HAVE AWAKENED”.

When she had opened the portal, I do the same, naked.  And the same thing happens with me.  I am presented on the screens as “HAVE AWAKENED”.  The dream is not erotic.  I note the sexual tension, but is not erotically affected by it, but rather I percieve the whole thing as an observer outside the events, at the same time as I observe from inside myself in the dream, and earlier for a while from inside the woman.

On all the displays in this environment, and they are everywhere, there is continually played professionally mixed slide shows with people I know, also myself, all posing naked.  In red light.  When I use the computer in the dream, in order to search for information, there is continually this sexually charged slide show that interferes and irritates.

At some point I try to cover it over on the computer display, when my daughter looks at what information I’m searching for, but that is impossible.  I feel sad for this, I wish it could be done.

That was the essence of the dream, and what I remember.  I note the symbolism of ‘innocent, naked birth’, and the arrival in a world far from innocent…  I speculate if it perhaps was something like this it happened, when we arrived here.

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