The photographic evidence is proof enough for energy interference as the cause.  Everything is a matter of perception.

Rather than going off into never-ending discussions on calculations about that which happened on South Manhattan that fateful day September the 11:th 2001, it is enough just to consider the main swath’s of those evidences very few have spoken about.

When we try to squeeze in observations not explainable within our usual frames of reference into those same frames, we don’t quite get a match.  It’s like squeezing square pegs into round holes, it’s not a good fit.  “Anomalies”, we call that which doesn’t fit.  The extraordinary feat of Dr. Judy Wood is looking at the observations from September the 11:th 2001 and to see it all with new fresh eyes.  She has created new words so that the words will not trick us into thinking in well-trodden paths.  Those well-trodden paths which precisely leads to things not quite matching up.

To dare look with new fresh eyes.  People get burned, yes, but electromagnetic microwave weapons for crowd control that control people with pain burns under the skin without actually putting people on fire.  Extreme burning sensations, yes, but no permanent damage.  This is known physics and technology.  Therefore, as this example shows, getting burned does not have to mean that it was hot. [1]

Explosions, yes, but of what kind?  Molecular Dissociation causes the very construction material to explode itself.  The metal, the concrete, the telephones, the computers, the document cabinets, yes, everything (except, apparently, the paper) explodes itself.  And continue to dissolve on the way down, so most of it is spread out over a very large area. [2]

Molten metal, yes, but not hot enough to ignite paper.  Lab experiments have been done with electromagnetic interference, cooperation between different electromagnetic fields, which among other feats can melt metal without heat.  Or can make metal seemingly burn, still without heat.  Cold “fire”.  Ought not really be called “fire” at all, because then we are misled to think “hot”. [3]

Everything is a matter of perception.  When you see the evidence, the The Answer is, so to speak, in the Question!  Curiously enough I myself wrote an article a few years ago both dealing with and being called “The Answer is in the Question“.  And that article is even relevant to energy-interference phenomena. [4]  Study the half-mile wide patterns of energy interference phenomena that the photographs in Dr. Judy Wood’s book illustrate [2].  She is right!  The photographic evidence is proof enough that the cause is some kind of energy interference.  If only we can persuade ourselves to abstain from the need to squeeze in what we observe into the familiar frames of reference where they just don’t fit.

There is a certain type of personality which I now call the “Know-it-all person”[5].  These “Know-it-all persons” think that they know and understand everything better than anyone else.  And what they themselves don’t understand, that cannot possibly be understood by anyone else either, they think.  These people in all seriousness think — yes, they are that arrogant! — that other people who say they understand stuff they themselves don’t understand must be stupid.  Because, they think, no one can understand things better than themselves.  Unbelievable but true.  A life of experience to fall back on tell me that this is how it works.

What the “Know-it-all person” haven’t obtained is the humility that is required to openmindedly and without preconceptions collect and study scattered “anomalies” long enough so that these have time to coalesce into new patterns.  Long enough that eventually new pictures develop.  I have myself kept studying such “anomalies” for a number of years now.  It’s taken me time to fully internalize the picture as far as the “square pegs” from September the 11:th 2001 are concerned.  While on the other hand the “Know-it-all person” instead brush off the “anomalies” one by one.  She will therefore never see a new picture develop [You are here also invited to refer to appendix "The West and Higher Order Electrodynamic Physics."]

I myself are however starting to see connections also with other areas.  Like that many people become electro-sensitive.  They may have been exposed to interference between different transmitters, cooperation between different electromagnetic fields.  Also, I now see the picture so clearly that I am able to explain using my own words and my own common sense.  When I do so, the “Know-it-all person” just hear gibberish.  That is how it sounds in his ears.  While I see a gigantic field of scientific research opening up when we study the class of phenomena which caught the attention of John Hutchison.  And that he in turn found in older material which one doesn’t hear about anymore [6].  When it gets all quiet about a field or subject, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this area was uninteresting.  Another possibility is that it was so interesting that further research was classified.

And actually, there’s been quite a lot of development in the energy weapon sector.  Dr. Judy Wood was prudent enough to copy the Applied Research Associates (ARA) web page on this [7], before writing NIST on correcting their report. [8]  Fairly incriminating.  As Dr. Judy Wood often repeats, she doesn’t know who did September the 11:th 2001, but she know who does know.  And these were the major subcontractors to NIST, who in turn was responsible for the investigation in how it happened.  And, as she has shown, that they intentionally did not do.

This is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, where the picture is soon finished.  But it won’t turn out well if we try to squeeze in erroneous/false pieces in the puzzle.  Like conventional or nuclear demolition.  (Andrew Johnson’s “911-Finding the Truth” (2009, 2011) and Dr. Judy Wood’s “Where Did the Towers Go?[2] goes into detail on why it cannot be either of these.)  We must stop running around with false accusations–that is part of the destruction of our capacity to think, that we have been tricked into running around with false accusations.  I have had a feeling for a long time that this is important.  A nagging worry for false (conspiracy-)accusations.

What we DO KNOW about is some of the people who have taken part in the cover-up.  Among those Calle Bildt. [9]  But why?  We don’t know that yet.

The leaders of the truth movement have also been a part of the cover-up.  Former professor of physics Steven E. Jones was at one time heavily involved in the cover-up around low energy chemically assisted nuclear reactions.  I don’t know if he himself was conscious of his role in sabotaging “free energy” for us all at this point.  He may very well have acted purely egotistically.  It was Steven E. Jones who coined the term “Cold Fusion” for his own “Muon-catalyzed fusion“.  This term, “Cold Fusion“, makes you think of “Hot Fusion“, and thus it automatically programs the type of personality I described in the beginning to dismiss this whole class of phenomena, as has also happened for over a decade.  Only in the last year or so have low energy chemically assisted nuclear reactions started to again be taken seriously in the scientific community.  That is, the same type that electrochemists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons discovered.

Multiple books could be written about the manipulations that this former professor of physics Steven E. Jones has been participting in, but it’s enough to say that he today seems to be a willing handyman for the establishment. [10]  Possibly for religious reasons, he is Mormon and since several decades I am myself well familiar with this Mormon subculture with it’s extreme faith in authority. [11]

Truth doesn’t take political sides.  Truth supersedes agenda.  And only the truth can seet us free from all intrigues.

Leif Erlingsson, Thought Breaker



  1. Google “Active Denial System” ADS “directed-energy weapon” “riot control”

    (the hits include several Wikipedia articles).

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    Some years ago, coordinating with a Western but non-US aerospace firm, I furnished the firm with the names and addresses of some Russian scientists in Moscow, since it was clear from their internet site that the scientists were on the fringes of the KGB energetics weapons program.  An excellent European engineer fluent in Russian was sent in, several times.  Several unusual things were demonstrated to him, including (i) transmitting enormous energy down a very thin wire, and (ii) cold molding, or turning metal into a liquid at room temperature, pouring it into a mold, and then letting it sit and harden.  All without heating.


    The engineer then brought the Russian scientist to his aerospace firm in that Western nation, where the scientist demonstrated cold molding to assembled scientists and some U.S. personnel.  I forwarded a written explanation to the Western scientists of how the cold molding was performed technically.  Later, on calling the engineer again, I discovered that the foreign authorities of that country had suddenly classified everything there, and the engineer could no longer even talk to me without filing a Foreign Intelligence Contact Report.  My own part in all this was completely open-source, pro-bono, and I had already written of it openly and publicly.

    Also, one can find videos on the Internet where Canadian inventor John Hutchison is making metal at least “jellyish” using potentials and interference fields but no heat.  Google “John Hutchison” cold melt melting metals

  4. Leif Erlingsson, “The Answer is in the Question” (2008-07-16),  .

  5. After having written this article, I realized that there already exists another word for this.  But there is much to gain from avoiding the emotional luggage of this word:  Fundamentalists.

  6. This isn’t a new technology but an old one that John Hutchison has re-discovered and developed after he in 1979 found this set of phenomena while he attempted to study the longitudinal waves of Nicola Tesla, and others work, like Thomas Townsend Brown, George Piggott, Francis E. Nippe and Martin L. Perl.  Source:  Chapter 17 in Wood’s book [2], “The Tesla-Hutchison Effect“.

    In various Intelligence Briefings for the U.S. Military and in his books, like “Fer-de-Lance” (1:st Edition 1986) and in his various papers like (an article based on E. T. Whittaker’s (Trinity College, Cambridge) 1903 and 1904 papers on working with the “the ambient potential of the vacuum“), Thomas E. Bearden has for decades discussed Interference- and standing wave phenomena in connection with longitudinal waves .  The Intelligence Agencies therefore reasonably cannot have missed the tracks from interference in the patterns in which the cars and other stuff on various streets of Manhattan in the city blocks surrounding WTC was damaged or not at all damaged.  They cannot have missed that the evidence proves interference phenomena, which is what Dr. Judy Wood as an expert on optic stress analysis methods has also perceived.

  7. .  Figures 1(a) and Figure 1(b) on this page, which Dr. Judy Wood got from ARA’s website, are especially interesting.  Had this article been illustrated, these would definitely have been included.  As Dr. Wood clarifies in an email, “Applied Research Associates (ARA) had the most number of employees working on the NIST report of all of the contractors.  The leader of their team has given presentations on energy weapons at technical conferences.  That is his area of expertise.

  8. Request for Corrections (RFC) to NIST .

    Dr. Judy Wood’s federal qui tam case .
    Original filing April 25, 2007, and all later, against the contractors of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for science fraud.

  9. “Nu √§r vi i ett nytt krig”” [Translation: ""Now we are in a New War""], by Carl Bildt, Aftonbladet 2001-09-12.  In this article published in one of the largest Swedish evening papers, Carl Bildt points the finger towards Usama bin-Ladins nework as the most likely candidate for having done 9/11.,2789,88718,00.html

    Carl Bildt fact sheet using Google “Carl Bildt” “Lundin Oil” English results only:

  10. Google “Steven E. Jones” “Dr. Eugene Mallove” “Michael Zebuhr”
    Especially note what Andrew Johnson ( and Dr. Judy Wood ( writes.  One can also read about this in Andrew Johnson’s “911-Finding the Truth“, where Steven E. Jones role in the energy cover-up is mentioned.  As are his connections to the Los Alamos National Laboratories where part of the atomic bomb development took place.  And his connections to the U.S. Department of Energy.  Apparently Steven E. Jones received his grants from the latter department for twenty years, and perhaps it was also them who tipped him off on what he ought to do research on.

    I read on the subject of Cold Fusion at Wikipedia that Steven E. Jones, then at the Brigham Young University, was tasked by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) to peer review the work of electrochemists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons when they in 1988 applied for research grants in order to be able to carry out a larger set of experiments than the ones they already had done using their own resources.  That is of course one way to tip off competing scientists with “plausible deniability”.  From my own personal knowledge of the Mormon subculture [11]  I am aware of the strong rivalry between the secular University of Utah where Stanley Pons was working, and the religious Mormon Brigham Young University where the Mormon Steven E. Jones worked.  One ought to have this rivalry between “The Atheists” and “The Believers” in mind, when one considers the Department of Energy’s choice of Steven E. Jones at the Brigham Young University as one of the persons to go review the work of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons.

    Dr. Judy Wood describing what is said in the documentary “Heavy Watergate“:  “Steven Jones is described as an opportunist who was tipped off by “DoE informants” to help coverup the reality of free energy.“  ( .)

  11. I was myself a part of this subculture from the autumn of 1988 until the spring of 2004.  Especially in the process of breaking with it I at the same time came to know it much closer through many intellectual contacts with it’s, like it says in the quote, unstructured, diverse community of about 3,000 academics, historians, writers, artists, researchers, and so on:

    By February 1986, when Mark W. Hofmann was charged with two bombing murders, document forgery, and fraud, the research for this book was well underway.  While we initially reserved judgment on Hofmann’s guilt or innocence, four months of investigating the story convinced us that the secrets, targets, and motives in this mystery lay in a Mormon subculture – an unstructured, diverse community of about 3,000 academics, historians, writers, artists, researchers, and readers.  It was a community both of us knew well.

    So begins the Preface to Linda Sillitoe’s and Allen Roberts “SALAMANDER, The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders“.  (2nd ed, 1989.  1st ed 1988.)

    In this subculture where one believes that the Mormon hierarchy cannot lead wrong, these same authority figures keep repeating to the Mormons to be obedient to society’s authority figures.  “Funny” enough the President, Prophet and Seer of the Mormon church, “who cannot lead the Church astray”, validated the forgeries of Mark W. Hofmann as genuine.  But a person bound to authority does not dare follow this thought to it’s conclusion, and instead clings all the tighter to her authority figures since it appears that she gets the wrong results when she tries to think for herself.  That is, according to the authority figures, “who cannot lead astray”.  I know this for a fact, because I read the book just mentioned in 1990 after having purchased it on the 10:th of September at Deseret Book in Provo, Utah, and yet it took until 2004 before I myself dared think the consequences fully through of what I in reality had known all along.



The West and Higher Order Electrodynamic Physics.

The reason that the west is emotionally unable to open itself for Higher Order Electrodynamic Physics seems to be that this physics comes from the ultimate un-observable (I explained this in a mail in Swedish a few years ago, that Swedish readers can read at, read from “Men vid observations√∂gonblicket tas ett ‘snap-shot’, “t” tas bort”), and because we in the west only can believe what we see.  While this physics comes out of the consciousness- and time-dimension. And this dimension we have of course handed over to “The Church”, and then forgot about.  That western physicist who early on talked about the hidden variable interpretation of quantum mechanics, David Bohm, became persona non grata in the McCarthy witch hunts, while our “scientists continued to pontificate as to whether they liked or could tolerate Bohm’s quantum potential and his hidden variable interpretation of quantum mechanics.” (Thomas E. Bearden, “Fer-de-Lance” 2:nd Edition 2002 [3], p. 53, where “the KGB weapon scientists and the Brazilian Hellman project that seized upon Bohm’s hidden variable theory with alacrity as soon as he published his seminal paper” is also discussed.)

Another problem is that peer review, that other scientists should judge if a work is science, lock’s us in a current paradigm.  Something completely new simply doesn’t get through this obstacle, unless one as now has happened organize many together and give each other peer review, as done for example in the Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS), .  Even if one in this manner create new scientific societies and publications, one still doesn’t get through to the conservative ditto.  So we have “Scientific Fundamentalism“, an article of mine I have not translated from Swedish, “Vetenskaplig fundamentalism“, .

A Holistic Detective [I run a Holistic Detective Agency] cannot but wonder if the conservative science has become religion and now religion shall become science.  Seriously.  But science must also again become science, and this science must integrate the physics of the spirit and of consciousness!



Thomas E. Bearden and 9/11.

Thomas E. Bearden views Israel as the saviour of the west when it comes to threats from the east, and he obviously has good relations with Israel.  Bearden names Israel as the nation that already in 1986 supposedly warded off Soviet plans to attack and destroy the west. (Thomas E. Bearden, “Oblivion” 1:st Edition 2005, p. 173.)  Earlier he talked about “a friendly little foreign country” that in 1997 supposedly saved the U.S. from destruction using the same kind of weapon. (Thomas E. Bearden, “Fer-de-Lance” 2:nd Edition 2002 [3], p. 51.)  And in 2005 he named Israel also in this context. (Thomas E. Bearden, “Oblivion” 1:st Edition 2005, p 73, also see p. 187.)  Due to the fact that Bearden views Israel as the saviour of the west, he may be blocked from seeing how Israel might be using this technology also for controlling the mass opinion of the west.  As late as in 2007 he wrote in correspondence about the possibility of quantum potential weapons having been used to dustify steel beams, the text of which can be found on his own website, , that KGB might have taken “advantage of a known terrorist strike (one they even “watched” going in there to hit) and add a little something extra to it” using the terrorist strike as a “”cover” to “conceal” extra effects added to increase the destruction and the damage.”  In his “Oblivion” (e.g. on p. 24) he only writes about al Qaeda as the guilty for September the 11:th 2001.  This completely ignores the fact that Israeli agents on Israeli TV have explained that they were present in New York in order to document the event. (Google “The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11″ .)  The explanation for this blockage with Thomas E. Bearden can be similar to my own blockage until fourteen years later towards daring to think the consequences fully through of what I in reality knew in September 1990 [11].  One dare only think that which one emotionally “can afford” to think.

At the same time this same Thomas E. Bearden well understand that we in the west are strongly emotionally blocked against comprehending Higher Order Electrodynamics. (Thomas E. Bearden, “Oblivion“, PART F, pp. 249-270.)  That said it is of course not impossible that Bearden is right and that everything is controlled from the east through mind-control using the quantum potential field and that the whole gig with the new wars is a diversion tactic in order to keep us occupied with irrelevancies.  He explains the physics for how this could be done and show us a number of examples of what seems to be “testruns”. (Ibid, also pp. 128-129, p. 221.)  Irrespective of whether Bearden is right or wrong regarding the threat from the east (his acceptance of the obvious western fabrication al Qaeda at face value makes it a little difficult for me to take his threat analysis totally serious), he has well understood the reason why the west refuse to accept that the energetics field of physics research even exist. [Appendix "The West and Higher Order Electrodynamic Physics."]


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Written 2011-10-17.
Translated into English by author 2011-10-30.
Original:  “De fysiska bevisen
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